Highlights of Gretchen Anderson & Christopher Noessel’s Pair Design — Better Together.

Who should read this book

This short ebook is for designers who are stuck on a design problem.

About the book

When it comes to solving complex design problems, two brains are better than one. Pair design is the practice of having two designers or with…

Product Design Interview

How to prepare for a product design interview app critique

In an app critique, you will want to lead the discussion to help the interviewer understand your product thinking and your knowledge of interaction and visual design. Be prepared to discuss the problem the app is trying to solve for its target users.

Critique Framework

This simple framework will help you create…

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User Personas — Illustration by Dougal MacPherson

Beware the Cut ’n’ Paste Persona

“Unfortunately, personas have been culprits in a crime of oversimplification. They are unsuited to represent the complex nature of our users’ decision-making processes and don’t account for the fact that humans are immersed in contexts.

Design needs simplification but not generalization…


Principal Ux designer

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